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general questions

  • Does MPS service the whole of Australia?

    MPS aims to meet the needs of all their clients and, where possible, will make arrangements to assess the needs of interstate clients. MPS currently services clients across NSW and ACT, and in parts of Victoria and Queensland.

  • Where is MPS located?

    MPS is currently located in the Lawson Industrial Area in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. See Contact Us

product questions

  • How do I order a product?

    Some order forms are available on the products page, or contact us.

  • How do I pay for the MPS product?

    Funding may be available for your needs through the relevant state government equipment subsidy program. You may wish to consult with an occupational therapist for assistance with this process. Alternatively, products can be paid through private means.

  • What if the product doesn't seem to fit or do the job?

    All MPS products are custom-made to maximise the comfort and mobiity of its clients. With most products there is a trial period where the client and carer/ family has the opportunity to 'settle in' and test the product. MPS will then assess the effectiveness of the product and - if required - will make modifications to suit.