MPS aims to create products that provide greater comfort and can enhance a person's quality of life and their ability to participate in a range of activities.

96% of clients and therapists who responded were satisfied with MPS, with 30% describing their level of satisfaction as ‘excellent’.

Do you have any further comments regarding your satisfaction with MPS's services?

Have always been very helpful in resolving issues ● Good to communicate with regarding clinical therapist needs ● We have always valued the work MPS has provided us.  

Do you have any further comments regarding your satisfaction with the product?

I have not found any product with this level of customisation with the backup service, so I am thrilled with the product and the service you provide  ● Always willing to amend / adapt product as required ● Flexible and responsive to families' needs ● Parents have expressed that they are very pleased with equipment supplied for their children.  

Could you please let us know how or why the mobile service made a difference?

Families did not have to travel far to receive services. We frequently service medically unwell clients. Being able to see them in their own environment is beneficial to them (ie no need to travel) and also improves your assessment and information gathering. Therefore outcomes should in theory, be better ● Clients unable to tolerate travelling for long periods and therefore unable to access other seating services who do not provide a mobile service. This enables clients to get a seating system that meets their needs. ● Makes it very easy for all our clients, otherwise some may not be able to access the service ● Being able to change or adjust equipment on the spot ● Able to make modifications on the spot meaning clients can have their equipment immediately.

Is there anything else you would like MPS to know that would help us to improve our service?

Thankyou for your consistently high standard, with incredible patience with our more 'difficult' clientele. Your team is very client-centred, which is greatly appreciated ●  Excellent service for families and a very specialised option not able to be offered by other providers ● Phone and e-mail contact is important and appears to be answered reasonably promptly; appointments are made as quickly as possible to fit client needs, etc, so keep doing what you are doing! ● The products produced are of high quality and I would continue to use MPS on that basis alone.

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