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Dowing Dynamic Arm SupportDowing Dynamic Arm Support

Dowing - NEW in Dynamic Arm Support

Natural freedom of movement through high-end simplicity

All-round arm support
Dowing is intended for the optimized performance of essential Activities of Daily Living (ADL) including eating, drinking, facial care, computer use and numerous other activities. Dowing is a valuable contribution on the work spot for persons who are disabled or limited in performing manual labour activities. Further, it may play a valuable role as a therapy device supplying gravity compensation during exercises in clinical settings. The intended use of Dowing also includes the application as an ergonomic aid for persons who are at risk for Complaints of Arm Neck and-or Shoulder (CANS), overload or strong fatigue due to challenging work conditions.

Dowing’s user
Dowing is primarily designed for persons having a need for assistance due to a lack of muscle force. Depending upon personal (dis)abilities Dowing can diminish the effects of excessive muscle functioning (guide spastic movements). Further, Dowing will redistribute pressures and forces of the arm and shoulder and can possibly decrease pain in the shoulder girdle. Dowing can be used one or two sided.

About the use of Dowing
It’s possible to use Dowing in various environments like home, workplace, school or institutional setting. Dowing can be mounted on a table or work chair for which specific clamps are available. Switching from one side to another is very easy.

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Gowing - Dynamic Arm Support

Natural freedom of movement with rapid functionality

Gowing supports the execution of numerous daily activities like eating, drinking, tooth brushing, typing or scratching one’s nose. Independence in lifting objects and personal care is possible again.

Natural and easy
In general it is desirable to use your remaining capacities as much as possible. This is both beneficial from a health perspective and for one’s self esteem, furthermore it is also cost effective. Gowing operates on the basis of compensation of the weight of the arm. This is called ‘balancing the arm’. The large horizontal movements hardly require any effort anymore. The construction enables easy and quick reach of the mouth and face. Gowing returns the natural freedom of movement to the user. Gowing does not make the wheelchair any wider – not even when the arm of the user is rotated inwards. Gowing allows the user to make choices.

The video below shows the Gowing concept in action.

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