MPS Robotics

MPS Robotics

Individualised Approach

For more than 10 years Megalong Positioning Service (MPS) has been providing a unique and individualised approach to enhancing the wellbeing and comfort of people with disabilities or the frail aged who require support with mobility, postural seating and positioning.

Customised Solutions

MPS tailors every product to the individual’s environment and social needs. A key speciality of MPS is our capacity to develop highly innovative and individually customised seating and positioning systems, available for maximum functionality, safety, durability and comfort.

Future Focused

MPS is future focused. Constantly seeking more efficient and innovative technologies to provide affordable customised equipment for it’s clients. MPS uses latest technology in scanning and robotics, combined with highly trained technicians and seating specialists to achieve optimum clinical outcomes.

MPS Scanning

The video below shows the process of scanning the client's shape into the computer, using specialissed software to then translate this to the robotic arm which then cuts the shape.

Delcam Feature

Wim Hartog, Managing Director at MPS was recently interviewed to explain the technology behind the company's customised solutions using the robotic scanning system.

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